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About Ad Scaleup

What does the term "lead" mean? How about "prospect"?

Also referred to as lead generation or leadgen, lead generation is a concept that originated within B2B marketing. It encompasses a range of marketing approaches with the goal of acquiring the contact information of one or more individuals who have displayed an interest in the products or services offered by a company.

What does the term "exclusive lead" mean?

An exclusive lead is a contact that is provided to a company solely on a single occasion, meaning it will not be distributed or resold to any competitors. At hipto, we exclusively offer leads that are not shared with multiple businesses.

What does the term "mutualized lead" mean?

A mutualized lead is one that is shared among multiple companies, including competitors, for conversion efforts.

How can I obtain the leads?

Our specialists gather high-quality leads through our distinctive LeadGen solution and guarantee the direct transfer of these highly qualified contacts into your CRM or via email using a file according to your preference. To learn more, get in touch with us at . The delivery of your leads is optimized to enhance the utilization of the provided file and the handling of the leads.

How can I arrange a demonstration?

To initiate a demo of our solution, please reach out to us via email at .

What is the function of Ad Scaleup?

Ad Scaleup is a startup that specializes in generating highly qualified, exclusive, and GDPR-compliant leads.

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